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Q: How to register for Business-Stat Online?
A: You may follow the steps below:
1. Click ¡§Register now¡¨ on the BSO main page.
2. Fill in the registration form and click ¡§Submit¡¨
3. Access acknowledgment will be sent to you through email immediately after your submission.
4. Usage of BSO may begin upon reply our confirmation email.
Q: What is Login ID? Can I use symbols or Chinese characters?
A: The Login ID is a logon name to be used by subscriber. It should be easy-to-remember. Only email address is permitted.
Q: I find that my preferred Login ID already existed. What should I do?
A: You may choose another Login ID.

Payment and BSO Credits

Q: When will my payment be debited from my credit card account?
A: Your payment will be debited immediately from your credit card by online authorisation.
Q: How can the remaining BSO credits be checked?
A: It will show out next to your Login ID after successful logon.
Q: How can BSO credit(s) be added to my account?
A: You can purchase it at ¡§Buy BSO Credits¡¨ section under Tools.
Q: How can I obtain the Payment transaction record and Usage record each month?
A: Simply click into ¡§User Account¡¨ under Login session. All payment transactions display automatically. For usage records, scroll down to the bottom of the page, select ¡§Usage period¡¨ and click ¡§Submit¡¨. The usage records for the indicated month will display out.

After Login

Q: If I saw an error message, what should I do?
A: Mark down the error message and report to us. We would investigate into those unexpected errors.
Q: I saw the message ¡§Your session has time out! Please login again.¡¨ How often will the system times out?
A: In order to protect the interest of our subscribers, our system will time out automatically if you leave the screen idle for over 15 minutes. To re-enter the system, you have to login again
Q: What should I do if I forget my password?
A: You can click into ¡¥Forget Password¡¦ and enter your Login ID. We will send an e-mail to notify your Password.
Q: Can I bookmark the screens, especially pages after login?
A: No, you cannot bookmark those screens after login since Login ID and Password guard access to our system.

Report Generation

Q: How can I generate a statistical table?
A: Simply select an option in each drop down box and choose one option among all radio buttons, then click either to confirm viewing the report in HTML format on the web or to download it as an EXCEL file.
Q: What are the differences between Frequently Asked Statistics and Advanced Trade Statistics?
A: Report from Frequently Asked Statistics is free of charge but each report from Advanced Trade Statistics will charge you one BSO credit. Other technical procedures relating to report generation please refers to the DEMO page.
A: SITC ¡V the Hong Kong Merchandise Trade Statistics Classification is based on the Standard International Trade Classification Revision 4 (SITC R.4). SITC is recommended by the United Nations for classifying trade statistics for economic analysis. For each SITC commodity code is designed that the first digit determines the section, the first two digits determine the divisions, the first three digits determine the group, and the entire five digits determine the item.

HS ¡V the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, or Harmonized System (HS), has been designed by the World Customs Organization (WCO), established as the Customs Cooperation Council (CCC), to serve as a multi-purpose classification suitable for use by customs and statistical authorities, traders, carriers and others concerned with international trade. Hong Kong has adopted in full for trade declaration purposes since 1 January 1992.

While the HS specifies the commodity classification up to the 6 digit subheading level for international comparison, individual countries/territories are free to use additional digits for more refined classification to meet their specific needs. The Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS) uses an 8-digit classification system, with the first 6-digit adopting the HS and the 7th and 8th digits representing a further breakdown in commodity classification to meet the needs of Hong Kong.

Special Product Group ¡V designed by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, unique from the above HS and SITC codes, for useful comparison and analysis on Hong Kong¡¦s trade performance. Examples are Electronics, Gift and Premium, Housewares, etc.

Report Display

Q: What do (%SHR, %CHG, ACT, TH, MN) report terms refer to?
A: ¡§%SHR¡¨ refers to the percentage share.
¡§%CHG¡¨ refers to the percentage change.
¡§ACT¡¨ stands for ¡§actual¡¨, which means the real unit in quantity.
¡§(TH)¡¨ means in thousand(s).
¡§(MN)¡¨ means in million(s).
Q: What is/are the unit(s) used for quantity?
A: Each HS code has its own quantity unit specify at the end of its description if any. For instant, .if (94 KG, 02 No.) appears, it refers to the unit KG was used from 1994 but it had been changed to No. in 2002. And if (94 -) appears, it means no unit is available for the code since 1994.
Q: How is the ranking done in the final tabulation?
A: The ranking is ranked by value of the latest date column in descending order.
Q: What is the HK$ exchange rate against US$?
A: We based on the Hong Kong dollar officially linked to the US dollar at the rate of 7.8 Hong Kong dollars to one US dollar.

Report Printing

Q: I find the printed copy lost some of the columns owning to the overspill. How can I avoid this?
A: You may change your print setup property to Horizontal display to list all columns in one page. The left and right margins may be set ¡§0¡¨.
Q: How can I make sure the results are printed on one page without losing any of the data by overspill?
A: You can do this by changing the font preference in your browser to a smaller size. For example, in the Internet Explorer (I/E) choose ¡¥View¡¦ and select ¡¥Fonts¡¦ to ¡¥Smaller¡¦.
Q: A message written ¡§Time Expires¡¨ when I press the report generate button. Why?
A: An automatic logout security is built within the BSO system to protect against unlawful user accessing to the system due to member forget to logout. An idle time of 15 minutes is set.

Code Searching

Q: How can I find a commodity code online?
A: You can use the COMMODITY CLASSIFICATION feature in the function selection for keyword search and/or reference checking.
Q: Do I have to type the specific word to search a commodity code?
A: The search mechanism works based on stem words. For example, if you are looking for knitted products, you can just type in ¡§knit¡¨, and code descriptions containing the words starting with ¡§knit¡¨, ¡§knits¡¨ or ¡§knitted¡¨ will appear.
Q: Where can I inquiry about the exact Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS) codes, other than using BSO?
A: Enquiries on the HKHS commodity classification can be made at the Census and Statistics Department, Trade Declaration section with Enquiry Hotline (852) 2877-1818 or visit in person to 16/F ¡V22/F, 25/F Wanchai Tower, 12 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Last updated: 31 July 2008